Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Tony Musings

Fun opening, but for all those people out there that haven't seen "Dear Evan Hansen" or "Groundhog Day" they won't get it.  However, for all us theater geeks it was creative.  But why have Steve Colbert sing?

 The whole "give me advice" concept is a bit lame.  Just go for it.

Okay, Kevin Spacey can sing.  And he is tapping so I am happy.

Support Actor--Michael Aronov.  He was outstanding.  I expected Danny DeVito, who was also excellent, but Aronov is a good choice.  "Oslo" is one of the best dramas of the year.

"Come From Away" selection--great choice that gives audiences a perfect idea of what the show is about.

Gee, what a surprise!  Gavin Creel wins for "Hello, Dolly!"  He's already won the Drama Desk and Outer Critics so not as much of a shock.  All five nominees were excellent so any individual would have been fine with me.

And now, here's "Miss Saigon!"

Such an outstanding introduction of "Indecent" by Paula Vogel.  Hope it brings people to the Cort Theater.

Again, no surprise with Cynthia Nixon winning Best Supporting Actress in a play since she won all the other awards this year.  I knew her when she was a fresh scrubbed Frosh at Barnard College when I worked there.  Use to sell her cheap tickets through our on-campus ticket booth.

How great that the cast of "Falsettos" reunited for a musical selection.  I would love to see Stephanie J. Block to win for Best Supporting Actress in a musical, but Jenn Colella from "Come From Away" is the odds on favorite.

Looking at some of the early non-televised awards.  Surprise that Santo Loquasto won for "Hello, Dolly!'s" costumes since Catherine Zuber has won all the early awards for "War Paint."  I would have preferred "War Paint."  I thought they were more diverse and elegant.  So happy that Nigel Hook won for his scenic design for "The Play That Goes Wrong."  The set was equally the star of the show.

Best Score.  Wasn't on the broadcast schedule last year.  It is a major award.  Thank goodness they put it back.  No surprise with "Dear Evan Hansen" winning the award.  Just re-listened to the cast recording and EVERY song is so good.  Definitely a score to own.

How appropriate for Anna Kendrick to introduce Ben Platt and the cast of "Dear Evan Hansen" for their musical selection.  Thoroughly enjoyed Ben Platt, but he seemed less innocent then when I saw him in the fall.

Again, no surprise with Kevin Kline winning for "Present Laughter."  He seemed to know it was coming.  He was good, but the best part of the show was being able to be invited backstage and hang out.

Who knew Kevin Spacey could do such a great Johnny Carson imitation.

Would have preferred one of the more rambunctious production numbers for "Groundhog Day."  I don't think this one will draw in the crowds.

Too bad the Tony producers couldn't come to terms so Bette Midler could perform a number from "Hello, Dolly!"  I love David Hyde Pierce, but I would have preferred a song with more of the nominated cast members.  But, then it doesn't really matter, since you can't buy a ticket to the show so they don't have to really sell it.

Laurie Metcalfe for "A Doll's House, Part 2" was one of the expected honorees.  Glad she was finally recognized.  She has been so good in every show she has graced.

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical--WHOA!  First major upset.  Rachel Bay Jones for "Dear Evan Hansen."  All five nominees were so good, but I thought Jenn Colella had a lock on it.  Congrats.

Another good presentation about a play.  J.T. Rogers presented such a clear picture of "Oslo."  His brief introduction was riveting and should make people want to see this superb show.

Much deserved honor for Rebecca Taichman as Best Director of a play for "Indecent."  Such a good show and the direction was so insightful and full of life.  The other shows had outstanding directors, but not to the degree that Taichman had on this show.

Good for "Come From Away" for Christopher Ashley's directorial win.  This is such a great show.  It is not a 9/11 musical.  It is a musical with 9/11 underpinnings.  It is more a musical about the human spirit.  Gee, maybe Best Musical is up in the air?

The score for "War Paint" should have been nominated over "Groundhog Day."  It would not have won, but at least it would have had the honor.  So good to see two seasoned veterans take the stage and sing the hell out their song.

Congratulations to Steven Levenson.  Tony for Best Book of a Musical for "Dear Evan Hansen" and many awards for his Off-Broadway play"If I Forget."  Great year.

I don't know.  Lynn Nottage's description of "Sweat" just didn't sell it.

So happy Andy Blankenbuehler won for Best Choreography for "Bandstand."  He is probably one of my favorite choreographers and it will hopefully put a spotlight on this deserving show.

Kevin Spacey is very good with his impersonations.  Good script writers for his jokes.

Was there any doubt August Wilson's "Jitney" would not win Best Revival of a Play?

Now that's how you sell a show!  "The Great Comet" gave you a perfect glimpse into their immersive show.  The musical is a feast for the eyes in the staging, costumes, lighting and set.  This was beautifully conveyed.  Bravo!

Kevin Spacey is a very good host.  Different from the comedians and song and dance men, but he brings a different set of skills that work.

Best Play--"Oslo."  No surprise.  I would have preferred "Indecent," but just narrowly.  "Oslo" is just shy of 3 hours, but riveting theater.  I am a political junkie and this more then satisfied my cravings.  Definitely a show to see.

Heartfelt introduction by Jill Biden for the "Bandstand" segment.  One of the best musical segments of the evening.

Why is Steven Colbert giving out one of the main awards, Best Musical Revival?  Yes, he is a hot commodity right now, but it is a bit of pandering.   Again, no surprise, "Hello, Dolly!" wins.  "Hello, Dolly!" wins.  Did you hear the news?  "Hello, Dolly!" wins.  Super producer Scott Rudin says everyone come up to the stage.  Don't mess with the man.

And now it is official--Ben Platt for "Dear Evan Hansen."  So well-deserved.  Catch him if you can.

How appropriate for Glenn Close to present the Best Actress in a Musical.  Did you think it wouldn't be Bette?  Let's see, now premium seats will probably it $2,000 per ticket.  Good acceptance speech, but her Outer Critics acceptance was even better.

And, to end the night, the winner we all expected--Best Musical--presented with the help of Kevin "House of Cards" Spacey, is "Dear Evan Hansen."  No surprise and so well-deserved.

To wrap, well-paced show with some very good production numbers.  Few surprises, but a solid ceremony.  Kudos to host Kevin Spacey.  Good night.

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