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2012 Tony Award Musings

Just a reminder that I will be updating throughout the Tony Award telecast...

The opening number from THE BOOK OF MORMON to start off the show.  One of the best songs from the musical.  Why THE BOOK OF MORMON on tonight's program?  Purely to sell more tickets and tease people that cannot pay $477.00 for premium seats.  Oh, no Josh Gad.  Right.  He just left the show for TV stardom.

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting for the 3rd time.  Ties for second with Julie Andrews, Robert Preston, Rosie O'Donnell, and Hugh Jackman.

Opening number - not one of the best.  Only livened up with the guest stars popped in like Patti Lupone and Annie.  where's Hugh when you need him?

Do you think Judith Light didn't rehearse her speech?

NEWSIES - Should have done "King of New York" as their number.  "Seize the Day" is also excellent, but "King of New York" was much better.  Would have been nice if they also sang the song.  Haven't seen such acrobatics since WEST SIDE STORY.

I have loved Michael McGrath - Best Supporting Actor Tony Award - since I saw him on the Goodspeed stage many years ago.  He has always been so solid in his comedic roles.  When I first saw him performing all I could think of was a younger Nathan Lane.  I thought Dave Alan Grier should have won, but no regrets.

Great number from FOLLIES with Tony Award nominee Danny Burstein.  So glad they didn't sing the old warhorse, "I'm Still Here."  FOLLIES or PORGY & BESS for Best Revival?  Too close to call.

Who's the guy whining behind THE LION KING?

GHOST song too loud and uninteresting.  There were better options.  Not going to bring in the crowds .  HINT:  the guy bathed in blue is dead.

Two director awards at once...Yes, the inevitable run of ONCE to Best Musical begins as John Tiffany wins the Best Director of a Musical.  My choice, NEWSIES, will probably just settle for Best Choreography and Best Score.  Like with WICKED, beaten out by AVENUE Q, NEWSIES will have the last laugh at the box office over the years.

Trivia question - what person has won the most Tony Awards for directing a play?  Answer - Mike Nichols with six!

Did they have leisure suits back in the days of Jesus?  Are those blue suede shoes?

SPIDERMAN bit was quite good.  Ted Chapin and Angela Lansbury were good sports.

Trivia question - who was Christian Borle once married to?  Answer - Sutton Foster!  He was good in PETER AND THE STARCATCHER (congratulations), but Tom Edden in ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS, was absolutely hysterical.  Would have liked to see him win.

Love Kelli O'Hara.  She's excellent in NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT.  Matthew Broderick is one of my favorite actors, but he just seems to sleepwalk through his role in the show.  Not much energy.

Why a musical number from a cruise ship?  Is this the same cruise line that is advertising on the Tony Awards?

Boy, ONCE is cleaning up.  They've won almost all the creative awards so far.

Judy Kaye was fun in NICE WORK...I remember her in her Broadway debut.  She took over when Madeline Kahn suddenly left ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY back in 1979.

Dear Ms. Barkin--the reason for a buffo year at the Broadway box office is because of the huge amounts producers are charging for premium seats.  I'll be impressed if the attendance figures are way up.

I saw PETER AND THE STARCATCHER and was just not impressed.

I thought the year in plays montage was great and then stopping for a few minutes for the nominated shows.  They might have finally gotten it right.

Neil Patrick Harris' musical interlude was entertaining, but he lacks razz-ma-tazz.  Sheryl Crow writing the score for the upcoming DINER.  Could be interesting.  Best score to NEWSIES!  What a surprise.  :-)  Alan Menken's first Tony Award.  Can you believe it?  All the shows he's written.  He has a ton of Oscars.  Now maybe, one day, Stephen Schwartz will win one.  Of course, most of the good songs from NEWSIES were in the movie.  Just a few new ones for the musical.  Most not so great.  Still cannot believe that the scores for PETER AND THE STARCATCHER and ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS were nominated.  LYSISTRATA JONES had a tuneful, catchy score.  It most definitely should have been nominated.  Even SPIDERMAN and GHOST were not terrible and should have been given consideration over the two plays.  I can't even remember anything from PETER AND THE STARCATCHER.

Wow!  Audra McDonald has such a dynamite voice!  Good performances from Norm Lewis and David Alan Grier in a well-coordinated segment from PORGY AND BESS.

 "Gold" - one of the songs from ONCE I played on my radio show this evening, which was music from all Tony Award nominated shows.  I know ONCE will probably win Best Musical, but I am more of a NEWSIES type guy.

I was never a fan of EVITA, even the original with Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin.  Did this segment lack oomph?  It was more ho hum then holy moly.  Wouldn't you have Elena Roger sing a bit more?  She is EVITA?

Uninspiring GODSPELL.  Nuff said.

Love seeing Mandy and Patti on stage together.  I wondered if they cringed during the EVITA number?  Whoa!  Best revival to PORGY AND BESS.  Good for them.  It was a powerful show.  Are Norm and Audra next?  Wonder what Sondheim is thinking?

I think I'll keep my musical theater going to terra firma, thank you.

Very nice, Hugh Jackman's wife surprising him with his special Tony.  He is so smooth.

Toot!  Toot!  The ONCE steamroller keeps chugging along.  Nice heartfelt acceptance speech.

YEAH!  for James Corden.  The funniest show on Broadway.  Corden was very gracious.  He was in such incredible company.

Can we get the LEAP OF FAITH number over with so we can finish the broadcast?  It's not like it's still playing.  Is that too mean-spirited?  Still can't believe this was even nominated.

Audra McDonald wins her FIRST leading actress award in a musical.  Previously, she was two and two--Best Featured Actress in a play and in a musical.

So, winners and losers from the musicals?

-Obviously, ONCE with 8 awards including Best Musical
-PORGY AND BESS with Best Revival and Best Actress
-NEWSIES with two major awards for Best Score and Choreography

-NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT with only two Best Featured Player awards
-FOLLIES with one minor award out of eight nominations

Finally, I'll give Neil Patrick Harris a solid "B" for his hosting efforts.  Tough job anytime.  You just want to keep the show moving which he performed admirably.

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