Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 8, 2018 Radio Show

I am now linking my weekly Broadway radio show, "On Broadway" via my blog.  There are two ways to listen:
Click & Listen - You can click here to listen to this week's episode.  There are also hundreds of past episodes available on my website.

Podcasting - Each week a new program will be available by podcasting. If you have iTunes you can subscribe to the weekly "On Broadway" podcast or download it.

The podcast address is:

Below is the playlist from July 8, 2018.  Tonight, selections from musicals that will probably never be available on CD so it is an all vinyl program.

Name of Song
Name of Show

Only Right Here in New York City
Tuscaloosa's Calling, But I'm Not Coming
The Maze
Flowers for Algernon
Whatever Time There Is
Flowers for Algernon
I Never Had It So Good
Expresso Bongo
I Could Be The One
The Card
If You've Got It, You've Got It
Holmes and Watson
Drat, the Cat!
If I Ever Fall in Love Again
The Crooked Mile
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Lambert's Quandry
I Wouldn't Have Had To
Let It Ride
You Can Be a New Yorker Too!
Goodbye, Girls
Hot September
That's a Boy
Goodbye Mr. Chips
Doh, Ray, Me
Follow That Girl

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