Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Tony Awards

The real question tonight is how many Tonys will The Book of Mormon receive. I'll be blogging "live" all night long.

-Neil Patrick Harris' opening was a great introduction to the show. Maybe a bit too heavy on the gay emphasis for the country's midsection, but nice razzle dazzle.

-Ellen, it's the first award. Let'a wrap it up!

-"Brotherhoold of Man" number from How to Succeed is outstanding! Except why does the camera keep focusing off to the side during the song? Stay centered! Daniel Radcliffe seems much more self-assured and relaxed then when the show opened. He shows he can dance and sing. Should drum up business at the box office.

-Interesting idea to have John Leguizamo reminisce about his Broadway moment, but a tad too much.

-Normal Heart shaping up to be the big non-musical winner.

-Smart move for Catch Me If You Can to highlight "Don't Break the Rules" from the show. It was the best production number of the musical and allows the world to joyfully experience the talent of Norbert Leo Butz.

-Spiderman jokes were very funny even though Bono didn't seem over pleased. The gimmick is from Comedy Central's Tosh 2.0.

-Such a powerful show it's a shame The Scottsboro Boys closed after such a short run. Thank goodness it's going to be touring. Good number from the show even though it doesn't have the feel good nature of the other nominees.

-I wish The Book of Mormon number was either "Hello," "Two by Two," or "Turn It Off" instead of "I Believe." That would have really given the TV audience a much better idea of the show.

-Wow! Best part of the broadcast so far--Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris with their "Anything You Can Do" duet. That was a showstopper.

-WHAT???!!!! I can't believe John Larroquette wins Best Featured Actor in a Musical for How to Succeed. I didn't think he was very good at all. Rory O'Malley was soooo funny in The Book of Mormon. He should have won. Even Forrest McClendon and Colman Domingo from The Scottsboro Boys were better then Larroquette. Very disappointing.

-Is that the best they can show from Spiderman? Wake me when the song ends.

-I am so happy that the creative team from War Horse is being recognized. This was one show where sound, lighting, music, and effects were just as integral to the production's success as any other aspect of the show.

-Let's see, if my math is correct, I have The Book of Mormon down for six Tonys.

-Perfect number to introduce potential theatergoers to Sister Act.

-My favorite number from Memphis, "Steal Your Rock 'n' Roll." Nice promo for the show. I can't believe Chad Kimball and Montego Glover are still in the musical. Good for them and great for audiences.

-Congratulations to War Horse. I think they are up to five Tonys. I told you all to get your tickets early.

-You want to sell tickets to your show via the Tony broadcast? Step one--have a great song. Step two--have a triple threat actress such as Sutton Foster leading the way. Step three--throw in a rousing tap number. This production number is why Anything Goes will win Best Musical Revival and why Foster should win her second Tony Award.

-Again, let's stage a musical number strictly to sell tickets. This time to promote the all-star Company coming to hundreds of movie theaters across the country that will be charging $18.00 a pop to view the filmed production. Was I alone, or did others feel that "Side by Side" was a bit flat? Uninteresting?

-Daniel, slow down, relax. Have fun. Just wave a wand or something during the Best Actress announcements?

-I am so happy that I've been able to see Sutton Foster in most of her Broadway roles. She is soooo great.

-Why is it that I have no desire to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? And after their turn on stage my attitude is only amplified.

-As the 2011 Tony Award telecast comes to a close I would have to say this is one of the best Tony Award broadcasts I can remember. It was entertaining, had nice pacing, and real energy. Now, let's see what the fall-out will be.

-Congratulations to Mark Rylance for Best Actor. I preferred him in La Bete, which I love. Did not care for Jerusalem. Why does he always have to give such a rambling acceptance speech?

-So happy to see Norbert Leo Butz win. He is such a trooper, whether in a play, comedy, or musical. This just might save Catch Me If You Can from an early demise.

-Gee, how anti-climatic -- The Book of Mormon wins Best Musical. That brings them to eight total awards for the show. Good job.

-Chris Rock gets my nomination to host next year's awards. His few moments on stage were very funny. Unscripted, edgy, and funny. Neil Patrick Harris--fine job, once again. has posted Neil Patrick Harris' show ending rap, penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda of In the Heights fame.

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